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We are one of the oldest protestant churches in California, organized in 1851. Mary Covillaud, for whom Marysville was named, was a survivor of the Donner Party and a founding member. Another founding member was Stephen J Field, the first Supreme Court Justice from West of Mississippi, appointed by Abraham Lincoln.

The original red brick church was on the northeast corner of 5th and E Streets. During the disastrous flood of 1874, a small river steamboat tied up to the bell tower to deliver relief supplies. After long use, the church was declared unsafe in 1940. Our present facility was built on the corner of 8th and D streets with the first service being offered in August 1942. All of the stained glass windows from the original church building grace the existing sanctuary today. 

Our current congregation is in the process of renewal. We believe the Yuba Sutter area benefits from the unique expression of the Christian faith by the Episcopal Church. We value the ancient tradition of the church and nurturing a vibrant of personal faith grounded firmly in community with others. 

Our worship is traditional, our ministry relevant. We are grateful for the power of God active in our midst.