I was hungry and you gave me food.

The only standard of faith that really matters is what you do. Our parish, like many churches, is surrounded by need. Some people are homeless. Many struggle with mental health issues. Most are among the working poor. They all are hungry. The only faith-test Jesus gives is practical. He does not ask, "What do you believe?" He asks, "What did you do?" We provide food and clothing to support our neighbors in need. Come and eat. Or, come and serve. We welcome you. 

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An Opportunity to Learn to Love

One Commandment Jesus gives us: To love one another, even as he has loved us. The easiest commandment of all it seems. Who does not want love? Couples want to love one another. Parents want to love their children. Everyone wants a friend. Despite our desire for love, we live in a world that seems to have forgotten not only how to love, but even how to be a friend. Every event here is an opportunity to practice the discipline of friendship. Join us!